We make the rejoyn ring in a range of sizes and materials

Find the one that inspires you


The "always with you" size

A pendant. A key ring. Hang anywhere

Stainless Steel, Brass or Sterling Silver

Diameter 27 mm ( 1,06 in )


Ideal size to carry in your pocket or bag

Brass or Sterling Silver

Diameter 39 mm ( 1.54 in )


Ideal size for home, work or nomads

Great to pass around. Nice solid weight

Brass or Sterling Silver (soon Stainless Steel)

Diameter 66 mm ( 2.6 in )


For sacred spaces and ceremonies

Handcrafted in Bronze

Diameter  S  150 mm ( 6 in )

Diameter  L  210 mm ( 8 in )


Our collection to carry every day

All hand crafted in Bali

Solid 18k Gold or Sterling Silver.

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