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" I've worn it for some time now, and I think it’s great. I especially use it to remind me of nonduality and basic unity in general. Very much appreciated "

Ken Wilber

Denver, USA

I’ve been following and supporting rejoyn since the beginning. The intertwining form opens me to and deepens my trust in evolution. It clearly points to the simplicity on the other side of complexity and inspires us to do the inner work that brings us into alignment with wholeness. Rejoyn's micro transformation fits well with how I see effective practice: Waking up, again and again, and choosing to show up in life in alignment with one’s highest wholesome intelligence.

Terry Patten

Evolutionary. Author
California, USA

" We are totally attached. The triangle cross-section represents trinities; mind/body/spirit, waking/dreaming/deep sleep, waking up/growing up/cleaning up, father/son/holy spirit, etc. The mobius rotation, one edge, one face, represents our inherent connection and infinite and cyclic evolution. The centre represents emptiness, showing up, unity, singularity, etc. The outside defines the centre as the centre defines the outside, forever an interdependent contradiction. As I wear it, it falls exactly over my heart centre, as I do a forward bent it lands exactly on my Ajna centre, providing a portal to spaciousness to both. I love that it is worn by Ken Wilber and Terry Patten, so it is my integral inspiration. I love that it was made by you, my Integral buddy. I have beautiful memories talking to you and Terry about brother David's blessing all who wear the rejoyn. Catalyzed by my rejoyn, I have reconnected, and am integrating my magic shamanic self, at last "

Finley Hinde

Integral yoga teacher

" The rejoyn transmits not just beauty but truth, by putting me literally "in touch" with the deep structures of the Kosmos. What a gift "

Jeff Saltzman

The Daily Evolver
Boulder, USA

" When my fingertips or eyes are touching the rejoyn I can sense ... the essence of Universe' infinite possibilities expanding in eternity "

Pamela von Sabljar

Radical Facilitator

" The rejoyn pendant looks and feels great on my heart center. It is a beautiful reminder of our connection with the entire universe. A handcrafted seeds of love, light and ONENESS "

Daniel Matallana

Embodiment teacher

" I use my rejoyn pendant to reconnect deeply to my essence AND simultaneously be connected with the big WE, my community. Just letting the finger tips meet inside rejoyn anchors me into peace. A deep feeling of YES and meaning. I also experiment with it; use it with a small pearl to reinforce a clear focus, or with a heart to increase the feeling of infinite love "

Dorthe Brøgger

Creative Coach