About Eli Buren

Eli is a bedrock of masculine integrity and embodiment, and my trust in him as a teacher has deepened through multiple workshops. In 2017, while in Bali, I showed him a precursor of the Rejoyn ring and he immediately saw the potential. A collaborative space opened where we are inspiring each other in a continuous co-creation. I am grateful for the friendship as well as the innovations that have emerged, both perpetually maturing.

Eli now uses the Rejoyn ring in his intensives in Zion and Denmark. It serves his unique teaching approach and is subject to ongoing experimentation. For participants, the ring helps to anchor the learnings during the workshop, enabling them to take home new insights and weave them into their daily lives as new patterns.

Bio: Eli has been a on dedicated path since 1998, with in-depth training in embodied presence, depth meditation, yoga of awareness, martial arts, breath journeys, outdoor leadership, and most importantly: How these disciplines may be lived in a down-to-earth manner. Eli has taught workshops, retreats, and worked with clients internationally since 2005, working with thousands of people across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

He is gifted at guiding people into a deeper understanding of spirit, authenticity, and true presence—teaching how to live each realization with integrity through the body.
He has studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, including 8 formative years along side David Deida, teaching the men's morning embodiment sessions during his intensives.

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