About Lars Borgmann

Lars is a natural born desert shaman, a loving facilitator and a trusted friend. We have travelled through the agony and ecstasy of healing, alone together, on dozens of plant medicine ceremonies over the years.

He has spent most of his adult life finding new pathways to expand consciousness. His keen eye for new tools, and his insights into crafting them, is an invaluable resource for Rejoyn's continuous unfoldment.

Lars has developed a unique way of integrating Rejoyn into the Vision Quests he facilitates. The ring aid participants in trusting deeper states of consciousness and embracing the Unknown. Further, it gives a sense of connection to the collective field during the five-day solitude in remote desert locations. They "test" the rings under extreme conditions and return with new discoveries.

Bio: My work around the world over the last two decades has shown me that despite all our personal and cultural differences, we are very similar when it comes to our basic needs and dreams. We want to share, participate, influence, help, be acknowledged, grow and do good. We want to be loved and to love! When we start to work with and acknowledge this simple baseline it’s possible to create amazing results and transformations on individual, team and organizational levels.

My desert retreats is for people whom are ready to make a shift in their life. It’s a deeper way of working in a more radical form that, calls not for more knowledge and new information, but for deeper layers of inner work with yourself.
I have 25 years of experience with bringing people into the unknown, hosting retreats around the world in places such as; Sinai (Egypt), Sahara (Morocco) and in the remote Mountains of Crete (Greece).

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