About Pamela von Sabljar

Pamela has a rare talent in sensing a collective field and speak to what is emerging in real time. I have seen her hold space for an entire conference and guide us gracefully through uncertain terrains.

We are close friends and have an agreement to notice if we are out of integrity. It is not always comfortable, but I deeply appreciate this space of discovery and realignment.

Pam understood the core of Rejoyn from the early ideas around 2016 and has assisted in the long clarification process that led to the current ecosystem. She now pioneers novel applications of the Rejoyn ring in her work with international businesswomen, coaching them to more fully embody their innate wisdom.

Bio: Pamela emerges as a revolutionary speaker, mentor and facilitator on evolution's edge. Living from Eros, her practice, navigates life's unpredictability through dialoguing, sensing, creating and leading at the precipice of emergence. Inherently adaptable, we navigate uncertainty with skill. Yet, how can unity and effective mobilization coexist within a cohesive whole ? How do we answer life's call for collaboration from the very start ?

Pamela introduces a radical collective psychoactive technology - a mindset shift propelling leadership and organizations into realms of wholeness, creativity and embodied wisdom. Embrace this perspective for unparalleled growth.

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