Terry Patten

In the context of 'Unknowing and Joy,' equilibrium emerges between seriousness and humor as evolution's history unveils wonders. Positive and negative disruptions surface, accompanied by a transformative Koan.

Optimistically embracing the unknown, one recognizes the impact of expectations on reality, revealing subtle miracles.

The call to unite inner and outer work while awakening from narcissism resounds. Harmonizing internal and external aspects facilitates transformation bridging the self and the world. A clear message emerges: 'Time's Up!' Shift from self-focused spirituality to awakening propels worldly change.

Built on the foundation of radical wholeness and active compassion, this work revitalizes disrupted harmony. Amid complexity, wholeness thrives. Each moment embodies unity across spiritual realms, nurturing holistic living and birthing a fresh activism form.

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