About Terry Patten

Terry sadly passed away in 2021 and left a deep transmission, that is very vibrant in everybody who knew him. He was an important teacher for me, became a good wise friend and a fun guy to be around when the music began and the dance floor opened.

Terry was one of the first to preview the early fragile Rejoyn ideas back in 2017. He then shared the opening chapters for his upcoming book which blew my mind and radically inspired me and sharpened my focus. I am forever grateful for his generous support and wholehearted foresight.

I sincerely want to honor him and his huge legacy, as a teacher, as a brother and as a transmitter of wisdom. He wrote the best best book I know about the shift to a new consciousness based on wholeness and regeneration.

Bio: Terry was one of the great integral pioneers and contributors; his life and death were committed to awakening, relating, and contributing. A long term dedicated spiritual practitioner, he studied in multiple traditions with a variety of teachers though especially with Adi Da. He became an inspiring advocate and interpreter of integral studies, offering seminars, workshops, and co-authoring a book, Integral Life Practice, with Ken Wilber and others.

Deeply concerned about our mounting global crises, he sought for nuanced integral perspectives which transcended and included the usual narratives, and pioneered approaches which infused personal and interpersonal transformation into social-global activism. To spread these ideas, he created the podcast, The State of Emergence and wrote a book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries.

Much of his last few years was devoted to forming a community and organization to support people to “collaborate in becoming the next-stage human beings who can rise to our collective moment” and respond effectively and compassionately to our social and global challenges. This organization, A New Republic of the Heart is committed to carrying on Terry’s work and community.

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