Pamela Von Sabljar

Pamela is serving as a catalyst for leaders and organizations to be able to create deeper human connection and supporting them to foster the conditions for emergence.

In addition to co-hosting the largest global Emergent Dialogue training in the world, she leads the Facilitating the Shift Masterclasses, hosts training on cutting edge sensemaking platforms like Rebel Wisdom, Emerge Network, Foundation of Ekskäret. She is also a mentor for new paradigm leaders, Co-Initiator of the Nordic Women’s gathering, and a sacred Spanda Tantrika.

Pamela has 25 years experience in leadership, personal development, and behavioral science. She has worked with businesses, public sectors, and private individuals specializing in personal, group, and organizational development. In addition, she has founded several systemic change projects and leadership programs in advanced self-awareness and self-leadership.

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