Eye of the storm

Find Your Inner Stillness
1. Take your Rejoin Ring in hand and feel its texture and form, connecting with its twisted loops and the emptiness at its center.
2. Take a Breath (Optional): If you’d like, take a deep inhale, imagining drawing energy into the still, silent, timeless center within you.
3. Touch In: Close your eyes or keep them open, whatever is comfortable. As you hold the ring, gently shift your attention from the storminess of your life to the innermost core of your consciousness, your “Eye of the Storm.”
4. Find Stillness: Locate that point where everything is quiet, where there’s an unchanging stillness or emptiness. This may also feel like a vast or timeless space within you.
5. Exhale (Optional): If you took a breath, let it out gently, releasing any built-up tension or stress as you do so.
6. Open Your Eyes: Return to your daily activities, carrying that sense of inner peace with you.

Background: This practice taps into a universally recognized point of stillness within us, sometimes referred to as our authentic self, true self, or witnessing consciousness. It draws upon wisdom found in contemplative traditions and shares commonalities with mindfulness practices, although it’s not strictly labeled as such.The more frequently you touch into this still point through the ritual, the more you’ll find it becomes a sanctuary of calm within you. Each time you do, you’re training your brain to more easily access this state, reinforcing a cycle of calm and awareness in the midst of life’s inevitable storms.This simple practice can be done as often as you’d like, even in the middle of a meeting or a stressful situation. It serves as a reminder that, despite the external chaos, there’s always a point of stillness you can return to.