Quick Guide

Find ideas here and make them your own. The Rejoyn ring is an effective tool, if you USE it.

Re-patterning is no easy task, so rigour and repetition is necessary. We like this triad of micro-transformation:

Evoke a quality, virtue or state you want to establish in your life

the quality in a real situation in real time. Say, do and act with the evoked quality

the situation and let yourself be evolved with it. Appreciate the effort

Use your sense of touch with the ring. Let your fingers explore the shape. Let them wonder around. This engage your body intelligence and maybe it leads to new insights. Play !

Why Practice:
"Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training". Remember, in the Dojo of life, persistency wins.

Make a small ritual. Set intentions for the day

During the day
Check in with your intention.

Reflect on the day and the intentions. Let the ring recharge over night in a good place.

Bring it and use it. Place it on the Alter. Let others bless it or engage with it.

In groups
Pass it around as a "talking ring". Use it to start a conversation where truth and sincere engagement is important

If you don't use it, then pass it on to somebody who might, please.