This is our core tool

to life's infinite unfolding

How we build it.

Take a triangle,
slide on a circle,
join with a twist.
Join us build the tool ...

It is a meta-symbol with
layers of meaning.
Trinity · Infinity · Spiral

The deeper meaning

The ungraspable. Beyond the mind.


Unity of all things, material and spiritual.

Regeneration. The cyclical nature of life. Death and re-creation.

The deeper meaning

Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Plato's three transcendentals. The irreducible properties of being. Just like RGB is for seeing

Trinities are fundamentals in the universe and appear at the root of most religions.

Three aspects of reality. Distinct. Yet one.

Rejoyn has three separate edged intertwining.
But they form one continuum. ONE edge.

The deeper meaning

Spirals are symbols of healing in all indigenous cultures.

"Represents evolution and growth of the spirit"

"A symbol of change and development"

"Spiraling from the outer into the inner soul"

Often referred to as "the spiral of life" spirals are found in all scales. From galaxies and hurricanes to small snails and DNA.