Imagine living with moreconnectedness

Envision our future built onwholeness
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Are you ready to embody this
transformation ?
If yes, welcome home

The future is shaped

It is how we translate
our dreams and longings
into what we do next ?

Every moment is an opportunity
for micro transformation

It is how we translate
our dreams and longings
into what we do next ?

Every moment
is an opportunity for
micro transformations

It begins with

People use the rejoyn ring as

  • A guide to connectedness, resonance and flow
  • A compass to regenerative living and wholeness
  • a connector to a collective field of transformation
  • a compass to unfold one's deepest calling or soul purpose
  • a portal to the unknown, the sacred or the deep now

Why a tool ?

Rejoyn is a tool to enable the gradual transformation of consciousness and culture towards a regenerative and healed world.

Consider it a portal to wholeness. How can you show up in better alignment with your inner truth ?

Like a tuning fork to connectedness. You touch it. And you feel the resonance.

Let's be clear. When we say
we mean these three domains


Most of us hide a precious gem inside. Call it soul, authentic self or just


Wake up to it and live with
purpose, courage and soulforce


Every relationship holds the
potential for deeper


When curious and authentic, our we-spaces become generative.


Life itself is a mystery.
So is nature, the universe and


It is our source. And resource.
Let's attune and protect.

The 3 circles unite into

This is our
call to action
We are changemakers,
stewards of transformation,
agents of evolution.

Let's remake our world.

Let's rejoyn ourselves,
each other and LIFE.

Dare the change
Wake up. Grow up. Show up

Again and again

" Rejoyn is my heart and soul;
my deepest calling and contribution "

After hundreds of wisdom retreats
and 30 years of product design,
I felt prepared for this mission:

To use design thinking to build
a toolset for the transformation
of consciousness and culture

" In our fragmented times, I could think of nothing more important to design than catalysts for connectedness to enable a future of wholeness "


A quick overview


A recognition of the intricate web of relationships that weaves together all beings. To notice our interdependence and the shared journey we are on in life.

Spiral of life

Used in most cultures and epochs, it reflects our journey through cycles of growth, change, and return. It invites us to embrace the continuum of life's evolution.


More than sustainability, it is a proactive nurturing of life, where we not only maintain but enhance our world. Renewing, restoring, and growing is the way forward.


Beyond the finite lies unbounded potential and limitless possibilities. It calls us to transcend perceived limitations and awaken to the endless unfolding of our journey.


Signifies the harmonious interplay of three fundamental aspects or forces. It calls us to explore the balanced union of opposites and the transcendent element that unites them.


Signifies an integration and unity of all aspects of being. Invites us to embrace the fullness of our experiences and to find complementarity within diversity.

Create and discover
a form
to transform

Why a symbol ?

The rejoyn ring is a meta-symbol based on sacred geometry, the source code of the universe.

Layered with primordial meaning, it is a form pointing to the formless, beyond culture and concepts. Like a timeless Talisman.

It shows the evolutionary impuls and life's infinite unfoldment and advance.
It is content neutral and ready for you to inhabit.


A deeper cut


We love infinity, and yet utterly ungraspable. A paradox in life, science and spirituality for millenea.

Infinity often represents:

Transcendance. Regeneration. The cyclical nature of life. Death and re-creation. Oneness.


Trinities are the bedrock of life, evolution and consciousness. Three distinct aspects forming a unity.

Truth, Goodness and Beauty are Plato's three transcendentals. The irreducible properties of being.

According to Rupert Sheldrake the trinitarian principle is central to most religions as well as to science.


The "Spiral of life" is found in most ancient cultures world wide.

Spirals exist in all scales from galaxies to snails. From hurricanes to DNA.


- evolution and growth of spirit.
- change and development.
- connecting inner and outer soul.