We are new born. We are building it up as it takes flight. Our intentions are clear. Everything we do must align with and serve the biggest picture we can imagine.

Product crafting
We looked all over and found the best quality manufacturer in Bali. It is run by Ben, now a good friend, who has a big heart in everything he does. With 5 religions co-working together in good human conditions it is a great place to visit

Our entire packaging is 100% sustainable with FSC certification on every component.
If you want glossy composite gift boxes and form filled inner linings, look elsewhere (c;

Our head quarters
Every detail of our newly redesigned space in
the heart of old Copenhagen is sustainable and chosen to "evoke and embody ". The room is meant for transformation and we host circles, work shops and welcome new ideas for human co-labs and growth.

Marketing ethics
We will not be doing any affiliated marketing with hidden fees to "influencers" for posting our tools. We will not spend money on marketing like adwords.

I am a bit of a hybrid. A faithfull skeptic, obsessed with understanding why life unfolds as it does and finding ways to improve it.

I trust science but I often find it too reductive, close minded and in-human. I am drawn to spirituality but often bypassing, dogmatism and contradictions sneak in.

The integral notion "true, but partial" makes  sense to me and opens the playing field for discernment and openheartedness.

I spend the last 30 years at the forefront of Product Design for international companies like Alessi, Bang & Olufsen and Cappellini to mention a few.

Now I follow my deepest calling to design "tools for transformation", objects that support the evolution of consciousness and enable us to move towards a truly sustainable future.

Check out my studio website here:



The Design Brief for Rejoyn - as we imagined it


The Future we'd Enjoy living in


Conscious Evolution


Our Souls are calling us into Connectedness.
LIFE is urging us towards Wholeness.


Wake up to our true self and its purpose.
Grow our worldview. Expand our sense-making.
Show up with resonance. Rethink and co-create.


A tactile object based on cosmic principles.
A community of inspiration and resonance.
Practices to help embody the transformation.




Integrate design thinking and wisdom weaving.

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