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Eli Buren
Facilitator - USA

“ It's a portal between my inner and outer world "

Eli Buren
Facilitator - USA

" The ring draws me into the interwoven web of life, to a deeper realm that brightens and clarifies my room of awareness.

It also holds the power of threes. The polarity of two opposing forces, and yet the third one is the spirit itself, the Tao, spiraling through.

It is a sacred tool, a toroidal forcefield, revealing the circular nature of how qi spirals in and out of my core, and all living things "

Lars Borgmann
Facilitator, Author - Denmark

“ It evokes the shift in consciousness we need “

Lars Borgmann
Facilitator, author- Denmark

" On my desert retreats, I use Rejoyn as a means of empowering each person to embody their wisdom perspective. It has taken our retreats to the next level and helps unfold the collective shift humanity calls for.

The ring is transcendental at its core, and serves as a guide into the unknown, to stay awake and focus on what moves you forward with grace and courage. "

Pamela von Sabljar
Radical facilitator - Sweden

“ It's my access point to the emergent future "

Pamela von Sabljar
Radical facilitator - Sweden

" When my fingertips, or eyes, touch the ring, I sense the universe' infinite possibilities expanding into eternity.

Since I was a little girl, my jewelry has been tools for transformation.
With Rejoyn I found something even more precious, an access point to life force, to eros itself.

I now recommend it to my clients, as a tool to support their evolutionary journey ”

Adam Barley
Movement catalyst, Author - UK

“ It has a curious mix of grounded yet fluid and mysterious presence "

Adam Barley
Movement catalyst, author - UK

I use my Rejoyn, hand size, when I’m running groups. It sits on my DJ desk, until it’s needed, as a touch-stone to be passed around a group signifying connection, communication and completion.

It feels good in my hands, and those who pick it up. It's solidity, combined with a curious mix of grounded yet fluid and mysterious presence resonates:

" Our connection with each other is clear, yet goes far beyond what we can see "

Terry Patten
Author, Teacher - USA

“ It transmits life's infinite evolution towards wholeness "

Terry Patten
Author, teacher - USA

" I’ve been following and supporting Rejoyn since the beginning. The intertwining form opens me to, and deepens my trust in, evolution. It points to the simplicity on the other side of complexity and inspires me to do the inner work that brings us into alignment with wholeness.

The nano rituals fits well with how I see effective practice: Waking up, again and again, and choosing to show up in life in alignment with one’s highest wholesome intelligence.

Elisangela Rassul
Ecologist, Entrepreneur - Mozambique

“ It helps me trust my inner voice, and empower myself "

Elisangela Rassul
Ecologist, entrepreneur - Mozambique

" The ring represents life's unpredictability and holds a deep emotional connection for me. It's a reminder that we can't always plan life.

For me, it serves as a tool for meditation, focus, and self-empowerment.

It emphasizes the impermanence of life, reflecting cycles of growth and decline, much like our understanding of sustainability and regeneration "

Ken Wilber
Philosopher, Author - USA

“ I use it to remind me of non-duality and unity in general "

Ken wilber
Philosopher, author - USA

" I've worn it for some time now, and I think it’s great.

I especially use it to remind me of nonduality and basic unity in general.

Very much appreciated "